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A super easy way to help people find jobs

People often hear me say that 70% of jobs are found through networking.

In turn, more than a handful of generous people have inquired how they can help find jobs for others by using their network.

My favorite solution that anyone can run with is to monitor your LinkedIn feed for job posts.

Save all jobs that come into your feed, especially if they are from a 1st-degree connection.

Do this regularly. It only takes a second per post, and you would be surprised how many jobs find their way to your feed.

Then, when you encounter someone in need of a job, navigate to your saved posts and see if there is a fit.

The reason why I love this solution is because there is a pretty decent chance that you have an "in" to the jobs posted by 1st degree connections, or sometimes even 2nd-degree connections.

A related strategy to help others in their job search is to use the LinkedIn Jobs feature. Enter keyword and location, then filter for companies at which you have connections. In my experience, using the Jobs-feature search strategy is good to find connections at more “corporate“ jobs. The LinkedIn feed tends to capture jobs at smaller companies or jobs that don’t otherwise get posted on LinkedIn Jobs.

Have other tips to help people find jobs by leveraging networking? Drop us a line at

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