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  • Isaac Sobel

5 Quick Resume Tips

1. The one page resume is the gold standard—two pages MAX

2. Ditch the objective section--your resume should tell its own story

3. Always save final draft in PDF format to retain desired formatting

4. Job titles are everything--often the only thing hiring managers reads pre-interview. Sometimes using a job description instead of a formal title can help tailor resume for a desired role (i.e. healthcare billing vs. financial operations)

5. Edit yourself. Job positions that are irrelevant to potential new role need to go. Said positions might be sentimental to you but tell a confusing story to hiring managers. Applying for a position in corporate administration? Delete that stint as a camp counselor!

BONUS - Get your LinkedIn ready for prime time. It's nearly as important, sometimes more important, than the traditional resume.

BONUS BONUS - ditch the cover letter, unless it’s specifically required.

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