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Our Goal

  • ​To mobilize each shul to help its kehilla bounce back financially from Coronavirus; to help our neighbors get back to work

What we offer shul leadership

  • Confidential management of employer and employee database

  • Access to quality job postings from the shul network, including neighboring shuls 

  • A seat at the table with shul leadership, in the fight against Corona impoverishment in our shuls 

How shul leadership can help this project succeed

  • Appointment of a high-level representative from your shul to be accountable to getting the kehilla back on its feet (i.e Rabbi, President or Gabbai)

  • A commitment to engage business owners in the kehilla to hire from within the shul community 

  • A commitment to sensitively engage all families in the shul community to see who needs access to jobs and community resources

The Jobs Task Force was launched by Yitzy (Isaac) Sobel in April 2020, in an attempt to do his small part to help K'lal Yisroel. Yitzy is the Director of Finance at SeniorCare EMS, New York’s premier commercial ambulance service. In his spare time, Yitzy volunteers on the Board of Directors at Queens College, where he graduated in 2013 Magna Cum Laude.  Yitzy is a proud husband and father. He lives in Far Rockaway with his wife Chedva and son Gavriel. It is Yitzy’s humble hope to that by honoring the Torah dictum to provide first for aniyei ircha, the shul communities nationwide can bounce back quickly from the financial devastation wrought by Coronavirus.

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